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Our specialties

Prejudicial, judicial and extrajudicial debt collection

We have a team of lawyers and attorneys who analyze, process, and negotiate debts at all stages of the judicial debt collection process, specialized in extrajudicial debt recovery strategies and managing delinquent accounts, as well as negotiation and conciliation mechanisms. We offer legal advice for judicial debt recovery, making use of relevant precautionary measures according to the nature of the credit, as well as the formalization or execution of forced execution measures and seizure of movable guarantees.

Recovery, incautation and vehicle transportation

We provide services of vehicle seizure, processing, retrieval and transportation of vehicles at a national level.

We establish administrative and operational guidelines that allow for the efficient and effective recovery and transportation of the vehicles, which are then taken to the destination warehouse, respecting the compliance with the security procedures and protocols.

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Litigation and controversies

We have an excellent team of litigating attorneys with extensive experience in judicial and arbitral processes. Additionally, we provide preventive advisory services to our clients as well as assistance when facing judicial and arbitral events, either as plaintiffs or defendants.

Thanks to our knowledge of the rules and procedures that we follow, we have acquired extensive experience that we apply in each of the cases our clients entrust us with, making us known for providing high-quality service.

Call center and debt collection

We provide credit recovery solutions,  portfolio management non-performing loans (NPL) and debt collection with extensive experience and recognition in the financial market. Our main objective is to offer innovative strategies that support our quality services with efficiency, flexibility and at the forefront of technological advances.

Technological tools and data analysis

Our technological departament operates through a company called EGANALYTICA that provides Technological Tools and Development Systems services with professional excelency and absolute dedication to our clients. We have a team of systems analysts and programmers of the highest level that are trained in diverse tech areas.

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Public Management

We are specialists in the area of ​​local government management and we provide advice to companies regarding procedures for obtaining authorizations, licenses and administrative permits before the national, regional and local authorities that are necessary to achieve business operations and development of our clients’ projects.

We are also specialists in the legal defense of companies, regarding sanctioning procedures in any administrative instance before different government entities.

Administrative law

We provide comprehensive advice on administrative issues to companies and their relationship with the various public entities of the three levels of government of our country, whether National Government, Regional Government and Local Government.

Legal advice is provided in all types of administrative procedures, administrative sanctioning procedures, design and application of public policies for the performance of economic activities that can be developed either by natural or juridical persons.

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